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Understanding Boat Shrink-Wrap

How do I prepare my boat for shrink-wrapping?

We recommend before bringing in your boat for shrink-wrapping that you dry-out the boat including every storage compartment. Shrink-wrap material holds out moisture. But it can also trap in moisture which can cause moist areas to produce mold. Whenever mold is spotted, wipe it away with a cleaner that contains bleach in order to kill the mold.

The best way to prep your boat for mold-prevention in storage is to open up all storage compartments to air them out and bake your boat in the sun before having us shrink-wrapped it for you.

If you can't dry it out before bring it to us, we'll help you out by parking it in our buildings and drying it out with a fan. Please help us to keep the boats moving by bringing them in as dry as possible.

Shrink-Wrap Process

We build a support structure for the shrink wrap which is attached to the boat.
We cut the shrink-wrap material to the length of your boat.
We trim the material and shrink it to a tight fit by applying heat.
We then take your boat into our gated outside lot.