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Maintenance Services

Specific Services Provided:

  • We recommend that this be done every spring so that your boat is ready for the boating season. The primary fuel filter is changed. The battery is checked, charged and is then reconnected and secured to the vessel. Gear oil is checked for contamination and for the correct level. The engine is run up to temperature and all gauges are monitored for correct readings. All switches, accessories and safety equipment are also checked at this time. Price for service $90-110. Average for parts is $15.
  • EVERY manufacturer recommends that this be done every year. Marine engines are designed to be able to handle very high RPMs for a sustained amount of time, and this is very hard on the engine and its oil. Boat Price for service $50, Average for parts is $50. Synthetic oil is extra. PWC Price for service $50, Average for parts $24.
  • Recommended by manufacturers to be serviced annually or every 50 engine hours. The stern drive is removed and the u-joints, gimbal bearings, bellows and engine coupler are inspected and greased. The engine coupler is the link from engine to the stern drive. It transfers all the engine horsepower to the stern drive, ultimately propelling the weighted boat. Engine to stern drive alignment is checked along with the shaft cable. The stern drive propeller condition is checked as well as the gear oil quality and level. Price for service $100. Parts average $15
  • 4. TUNE UPS
  • Engine tune recommended every 2 to 3 years or 150 engine hours. Tune-ups should be done during the winter or when summerizing. Tunes promote maximum fuel efficiency and performance. Also people who do get them done every 2 to 3 years normally have the least amount of problems and enjoy a very smooth running engine. Priced from $200.00-$300. Parts average $90.
  • * Servicing The Engine Cooling Sea Water Pump

    - requires removal, inspection and replacing the impeller and gaskets . Recommended every 3 years / 100 engine hours. The Impeller is a rubberized part of the pump that wears or gets brittle with age. Upon falure the pump stops supplying cooling water to the engine causing possible engine damage, Needing you and your guests to be towed , with out your boat for weeks in the summer while waiting for repairs at the peek of the boating season.

    *Labor service charges vary by engine type and boat engine compartment configuration.
    Labor estimate:
    -Outboard Engines --------------1.25hrs plus parts
    -Mercruiser Alpha Drive --------1.25hrs plus parts
    -Bravo Drives-------------------3.0 hrs plus parts
    -Volvo Drives-------------------3.0 hrs plus parts
    -Ski Boats/depending on engine brand---1.25 - 3.0hrs plus parts
    Parts/Water Pump Rebuild Impeller kit are generally $80.00 to $175.00 depending on engine model.
  • Required for all marine engines before the nightly temperature goes below freezing (32 degrees F). All marine engines contain water for cooling, which must be drained before freezing. If this is not done, you crack the engine block, manifolds, and everything else that has water in it. Winterizing consists of running the engine while pumping antifreeze thru the cooling system until it reaches running temperature. Sea foam is mixed with gas before running the engine. I & I/O: $180, Outboards: $90